Hi friends!


I’m Stephanie, and I am obsessed with food, culture, and travel. I started this blog to share recipes and foodie travel destinations to help you add spice to your food and travel experiences. 

For me, these experiences began in my place of ultimate culinary comfort – my Haitian household. My introduction to cooking was during my childhood in Port-au-Prince, Haiti as I watched the women around me pour hours into developing the flavors that I have come to know and love. I’m letting you know now – if I’m in distress, leave the ice cream in the freezer and bring me a bowl of rice and legume (my favorite Haitian meal). 

After moving from Haiti, and a brief stint in South Florida, I grew up in primarily West Indian neighborhoods in New York City. 

There was always great food available in New York. Beef patties, curry goat, macaroni pie, roti, doubles, and plantains prepared in every way imaginable. I went off to college (a few subway stops away) at NYU, where I was introduced to even more flavors and cultures. This was when I became captivated by the spices in Thai, Indian, and Korean cuisine. BUT don’t get it twisted; I was still chef-ing it up in my dorm room, roasting whole chickens and making lasagna in my tiny kitchenette oven.

In my second year at university, I decided to leave New York for Italy! Studying abroad in Florence, Italy, was the icing on the cake (or cannoli). It was my first time traveling independently, and I was definitely bitten by the travel bug. My friends and I jetted all across Europe at 19 years old eating as much gnocchi, gelato, paella, beef burgundy, and macaroons as we could along the way. Let’s not forget how that wine!

I started making cooking videos after graduating because it helped distract me from the stress of job hunting. I fell in love with the process! 

I’m here to share my love of cooking, travel, and culture with you by taking you on a journey with me. I will share my own recipes that are authentic to my Haitian culture and some recipes inspired by my diverse American upbringing and travels. I post my favorite comfort food recipes and travel tips for you to enjoy and take advantage of. 

I hope you enjoy the recipes!

– Steph